Ultimate Fails

Best ultimate fails compilation videos captured on camera for our viewing pleasure. Enjoy watching other people make the ultimate fail in life as they partake in stupid stunts, bad driving & a host of other brainless activities they soon learn to regret. To be fair to them, at least they had the decency to upload their epic fails for the internet to enjoy, thanks guys!

WATCH IT → Anchors Away. Don’t Think They Wanted To Do That

Keeps you in suspense for a bit, but damn sure we would not want to be near that

WATCH IT → Swept Away By Unexpected Beach Waves

Always be aware of the tide when by the water, especially during a storm.

WATCH IT → Kid V.S Giant Snowball – Bit Harsh… Still Funny

I think we all knew what was going to happen in this clip. I’m sure the father didn’t

WATCH IT → Cringe with the Failarmy Latest 2016

What can one really say, yes it is the latest 2016 Failarmy video. So once again it is