Funny Videos

WATCH IT → How To Straighten A Pigs Curly Tail

Sounds like these two guys are having a bit of a laugh. But it is funny and we

WATCH IT → Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

Hilarious set up for passengers of Uber Batmobile Lamborghini. We think they all loved it.

WATCH IT → Teens Struggle To Use Windows 95

Today most of us take our modern smooth running computer operating systems for granted. Watch the reaction of

WATCH IT → Laugh Laugh and Laugh Again

People doing simple things that ends up with hysterical contagious laughter. You have to have fun in your

WATCH IT → Kid V.S Giant Snowball – Bit Harsh… Still Funny

I think we all knew what was going to happen in this clip. I’m sure the father didn’t

WATCH IT → Cringe with the Failarmy Latest 2016

What can one really say, yes it is the latest 2016 Failarmy video. So once again it is