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For all you adult Minion fans that are out there, this Adult Minion Onesie is ideal for just lazing around the house. Not only can you be your favourite Minion you will keep lovely and warm as well. This would be perfect for fancy dress, hen nights or just for fun and chilling, it would also make a wonderful present for Birthdays or Christmas.

Who Are The Minions?

The Minions are truly a cultural phenomenon that have taken the world by storm. For the five of you who don’t already know, the minions are the banana-coloured sidekicks of the evil mastermind Gru from the Despicable Me movies. This is the story of a lonely evil genius who learns to love after adopting three orphaned girls (initially because they could infiltrate his arch rival’s secret base because of his weakness for the girl scout cookies they were selling). When not helping their master try to steal the moon and make “all other villains look lame”, the minions amuse Gru’s adopted daughters; Agnes, Edith and Margo as well as their neighbours in town. From their debut in the 2010 Universal film Despicable Me to their most recent appearance where they take centre stage in the 2015 Minions origin movie, the minions have the ability to make audiences laugh their pants off and give them a warm fuzzy feeling. For those of you who love the minions and want to experience a warm and fuzzy feeling that does not require wearing pants, then this adult Minions onesie is for you.

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Minions Are Life

Picture it, you come home from a long day at your boring adult job. You’re tired, your feet ache and the only thing you desire is to be wrapped up in a cocoon of snuggly yellow warmth. You put on the adult minion onesie. Suddenly, your only responsibility is world domination. Your significant other comes into the room and says “Hey babe, can you take out the trash?”. How can they possibly understand that you have important business to attend to…evil business. You look them in the eye and reply in all seriousness “ Po ka bi do sa la ka!!!”. The confounded look on their face is all the evidence you need to confirm that they do not understand your higher calling, that of serving your evil genius master with unwavering devotion.

Buy A Minion Adult Onesie

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Despicable Me Adult Minion Onesie

This soft blue and yellow fleece adult onesie features a smiling, two-eyed minion face on the hood. The overalls have a pocket in them so you can store your mini-shrink ray safely and securely. This pocket also features the Gru Enterprises logo on it so everyone is perfectly aware of who your evil master is. The onesie comes in four sizes from S to XL so whether you’re the short, squat little minion or the giant, hairy purple minion who drink the PX-41 serum, this onesie and has plenty of arm and leg room so it won’t hinder your movement while you get up to crazy shenanigans and/or violent rampages. The feet are open so you can pair the onesie with your favourite fuzzy slippers. The adult Minion onesie is tapered at the wrists and the ankles. This leaves your hands free and unencumbered to cook up potions for your master (or your friends, whoever) The front buttons up to allow for easy removal for when your evil business is complete and you have to return to your normal person job that requires you to wear pants. For particularly cold nights, you can wear the Minions onesie as pyjamas and sleep in cozy comfort as you dream of world domination.

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Despicable Me 3 Trailer (Available 2017)

With the official release date of Despicable Me 3 set for summer of 2017, it’s important that you prepare by getting into the minions mindset. This can be done by reviewing both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 as well as the Minions spinoff and the several Minions short films. This is best done in the comfort of your own home wearing your Minions onesie. Other activities you can do while wearing your onesie can include making blondies (they’re like brownies only yellow) and drinking banana flavoured milk. (Note: The minions love bananas!) You could also leave the house wearing your adult Minions onesie. This is the ultimate form of devotion to your evil master, proclaiming loudly and proudly to the world that you are a minion and mischief is totally your deal. This would be excellent practice for when you eventually wear your Minions onesie to the premiere of Despicable Me 3. You can hold your popcorn bucket in the pocket and keep it warm while you enjoy the movie. If you spill your soda on your onesie, it’s ok because it’s machine washable and it will protect the pants that you may or may not be wearing underneath it. Order yours today or, as a minion would say, “BeeDoBeeDoBeeDo!!!”

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